Therapies offered

Behaviour modification therapy is a scientifically proven method of treatment which is particularly effective in the treatment of all types of anxiety, compulsive behaviour and depression. It has also proved successful in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

I do a preliminary session in my practice to determine the nature of the problem. Most psychological problems can be dealt with effectively in individual therapy, and one therapy session per week is usually sufficient. However, in some cases group therapy is more effective. The best course of treatment is decided in the preliminary session.

My therapeutic approach:

The treatment starts with your personal life history. Current problems can often be traced back to behavioural or emotional patterns acquired early in life, which were necessary for survival at the time. With growing maturity it becomes clear that previous means of dealing with difficulties are no longer sufficient. Psychic illnesses are can be understood as an attempt by the psyche to come to terms with difficult situations.

In therapy it is important to recognize old behaviour patterns, and to understand why they are no longer effective. The next step is to determine exactly what it is that has to be changed so that either the symptoms manifesting themselves as an unfavourable means of dealing with difficulties disappear, or can be replaced by better methods.

It is also possible to describe a patients situation in pictures: everyone collects a set of tools for their path through life as a result of experiences during their youth, childhood, at school and during the professional-training process. Later on it becomes clear that a tool for a particular situation is missing. Either that, or the tool is there but you do not have the courage to use it. Or you do not know how to apply it properly. The purpose of therapy is to update this toolset. This takes place in consultation with the patient, who sets their own goals as to what will be worked on in therapy.

In behaviour therapy it is possible on the one hand to modify certain thought patterns. It is also possible to build on and train particular psychological skills, which were previously not available enough.

Psychology is actually a bit like work. What I mean is, it is not always pleasant to work on changing yourself, and sometimes it is even strenuous. Nevertheless it is always fascinating when you enter unchartered emotional territory and come into contact with new ideas about yourself or your environment. The positive effects of this type of work quickly become evident, as solutions become obvious which you could not see before. And having psychological support gives you more courage to solve your problems.

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