My Life

  • Graduated from the Comenius Gymnasium Düsseldorf with a diploma of secondary education
  • Studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art with Prof. Beuys
  • Studied psychology at the University of Cologne with Prof. Salber
    - Graduated with a degree in psychology, majoring in clinical psychology -
  • Prison psychologist in Duisburg–Hamborn,
    Mülheim und Düsseldorf
  • Psychotherapist at the psychosomatic clinic in
  • Expert witness for forensic psychology
  • Psychotherapist at the Landesklinik Langenfeld
  • Director of the AOK Health Centre Langenfeld
  • Director of the AOK Health Promotion Department in Leipzig
  • since1990 have had own practice in Düsseldorf
    - authorization by the Northrhine-Wesphalian Association of Physicians to practice as a behavioural therapist


  • Specialist training as psychotherapist
  • Specialist training in analytical psychology (DAP) ( German Accreditation System for Testing)
  • Certified psychologist qualified to practice psychotherapy as practised by alternative practitioners
  • Specialist training in behavioural therapy
  • Clinical psychologist BDP (German Association of Professional Psychologists)
  • Instructor of courses for drivers who have committed alcohol-related offences (AFN)
  • State licence granted to practice as a psychotherapist
  • Registered as a psychotherapist with the NRW Chamber of Psychotherapists
  • Member of the Northrhine-Wesphalian Association of Physicians


  • Journalist for Pinboard magazine 1983/84
  • Der zweite Mond, 1984, Sassafras Publishing House, Krefeld
  • Bergisch Gladbach literature market, Solingen, 1985, Solingen Public Library
  • In-company Healthcare Weeks; Prevention 1/88
  • Aufzeichnungen aus Ibis-Urprat, 1991, Norapresse, Düsseldorf
  • Das Zander-Institut der AOK Leipzig, 1994, DOK Bonn
  • Das Buch zum Poetry Café, 1995, Grupello, Düsseldorf
  • Introduction to Mechthild Finn-Lindau´s art exhibitions , Düsseldorf, 2007 and 2009
  • A number of TV Interviews on psychological subjects since 2009, WDR 2 – Aktuelle Stunde

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